Dracula - Vlad V

Just checking in...

I know I haven't posted to much lately - I started a new job a few weeks ago and I've been trying to adjust myself with 1st shift and I've been super busy on top of that so I haven't had much time to make icons!

Hopefully things will settle down and I'll have more time to be creative :)
Kenshin - Purple


I removed 3 members today - if it was you it was because your journal has not been updated in atleast 8 months if not longer.

I'm a little nervous about some of the remaining members here - 12 of you don't seem to give icon credit and 7 of you are new to LJ. I'm not removing you but please make sure you've read the rules and follow them if you use an icon :)
Mina - M


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Credit _madam_mina_ or elisabeta_icons

Credit is a must!! you will be gently warned for the first offense, if it continues you will be banned.

I will not add journals that I think are suspicious (less than a month old; no entries; userpics without credit; etc...) If your request has been denied you may comment here to see if we can clear it up (ie - you have a journal only for communities and I denied it because it had no entries).

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